Berlin’de Erasmus+ Staj Yeri Teklifi

Almanya’nın başkenti Berlin’de Stand with South Kordofan isimli kuruluş pazarlama alanında staj yapacak Erasmus Plus öğrencileri arıyor. Staj süresi 3 ay olacak ve B1 düzeyinde İngilizce yeterlilik isteniyor. Staj ilanı hakkında detaylar aşağıda yer almaktadır. İletişim için adresine e-posta gönderebilirsiniz. 

We are looking for Marketing Interns in New York and Berlin to:

  • research and report on external partnership opportunities for the organization,
  • develop and implement a marketing strategy,
  • handle online marketing projects, with a special emphasis on social media marketing;
  • recruiting,supervising, and motivating writers to regularly contribute to our social media pages;
  • highlight the burgeoning cottage industries in South Kordofan, namely art work by native artists, presenting positive stories of accomplishment in the face of extreme obstacles.

Experience with NGOs and/or non-profit organizations preferred.

What you will learn:

This position offers substantial nonprofit experience and exposure for graduate and undergraduate students studying political science or journalism, as well as a unique opportunity to generate wide interest in a humanitarian crisis that is largely unknown.

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You will learn how to amply cover the marketing requirements of a small nonprofit. You will be trained and receive extensive support from our team.

You will learn how to make compelling public presentations on the South Kordofan humanitarian crisis and how to interact with people who work in the nonprofit world, diplomatic field and key UN institutions.

Stand with South Kordofan works to raise awareness about the crisis currently taking place in the region and inspire people to take action in order to end the crimes against humanity committed there.

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