İspanya Katalonya’da Uzun Dönem AGH

İspanya Katalonya’da Mart 2017’den itibaren 6 ay süreyle gerçekleştirilecek Avrupa Gönüllü Hizmeti için gönüllü aranmaktadır. 

Project description: 
This is an EVS project. ADELA is an association born in 2005 in an organic farm in Valls (named Can Pipirimosca), with the aim of promoting a sustainable lifestyle respecting the environment. The project will allow the international volunteer to join with other short term volunteers (Woofers and local people) in sharing daily life on the organic farm Can Pipirimosca. Starting from his/her own experience and the training that he/she will receive, he/she will give support to the members of the association in the tasks of coordination the different activities and the meetings with the volunteers.

Tasks description: Daily activities related to organic agriculture, sustainability and recycling; the association occasionally organizes meetings and seminars at weekends and also offers the space to other organizations or NGOs to develop their own activities. The objective is to promote values such as respect for the environment, sustainability, cooperation, self sufficiency, community responsibility, and to teach people different skills related to art, music, ecology, alternative energy, peace culture, etc. The EVS volunteer will also take part in week-end activities and is free to suggest new projects, to organize activities or to contribute with his/her own experience. All these experiences will provide the volunteer with a multicultural approach to a sustainable and alternative way of life that goes on daily in Can Pipirimosca. The volunteer will participate in a Spanish course and will also have the opportunity to practice Spanish with the local volunteers.

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